[Music] Datriller Chevborg – Worry and Beginning (The Mash Up)

Datriller Chevborg Worry and Beginning (the mash up)

Datriller Chevborg Worry and Beginning (Audio)

Stream and download Datriller Chevborg’s trending song “Worry and Beginning”

The rapper who added Lyta’s ‘Worry’ and Joeboy’s ‘Beginning’ and added a little bit of rap to spicy things up.

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Datriller Chevborg Worry and Beginning (Audio)

Datriller Chevborg – Worry and Beginning (LYRIC)

Omo walai
If them point gun to my head say make I deny you
I go tell them say lai lai
I cannot deny o
This thing wey I feel na divine o
Baby tell me, why o? why o? why?
I don dey text you but you no reply o
Oh oh oh
I dey worry too much o

Special type of feeling that I feel when I’m with you
O n du n mo mi anytime wey I dey with you
I want your heart and soul and your own body too
I can’t let you go
I’m beginning to, begin beginning to begin to fall in love

Ok fine, I know I have wronged you in the past
But let’s bygones be bygones, let’s move on
Can u for once babe, just forget about that?
U look stressed out, I know it has not been easy for you girl, these past weeks
And since u left, I can’t sleep
All I have been having is just nothing but bad dreams
It’s was said that hard times, defines true love
We come this far, we can’t give up
You have been feed with lies, all your friends are good gossipers
Especially that one called Mercy, she is jealous
Sometime I hate what I do, as long I love u, then, I love doing it with you
What else can I do, so that I can prove, that Bae
I truly love u