Bobby Shmurda’s exit from prison is one of the most awaited hip hop moments in 2020

It has been five years since Bobby Shmurda was first arrested on a crime list, but his time in prison is expected to end in 2020. The Brooklyn rapper was sentenced to 7 years in prison in 2016 after pleading guilty to third degree. conspiracy and possession of weapons.

Shmurda’s probation hearing is scheduled for August 2020 and, if his probation is approved, Bobby will be released on December 11. Bobby’s release may not be of the magnitude of Bobby’s most recent return.

Meek Mill from prison, which made national headlines and started a dialogue about mass incarceration, but there is something genuinely hip-hop in the story behind Bobby’s case and where he was in his career before he was locked up.


The 25-year-old artist was not convicted alone. GS9 rap mate Rowdy Rebel, along with other associates, was arrested as part of the same case. Rowdy originally received 12 years, while Bobby received 5 years, but prosecutors agreed to give Rowdy 7 years if Bobby added 2 years in its judicial agreement, an agreement that Shmurda accepted. Rowdy will also be on probation in August.

Bobby Shmurda was one of the hottest performers when he was arrested in 2014. “Hot Ngga” peaked at number 6 on the Billboard charts, establishing success for his follow-up single “Bobby B*ch”. Coming out at its peak looks like it will benefit him and Rowdy after the release.

Meek Mill, Migos, Travis Scott and many other great rappers kept Bobby in their lyrics and tweets as his release date approaches. Quavo actually suggested that a GS9 x Migos collaboration could be coming in by 2020.